Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair Men

You look in the mirror, and you start to notice you’re losing your hair; it’s starting to go thin. So you jump on google you type hairstyles that work for hair loss or thin hairs.

And you know what keeps popping up? Shave your head; be brave to go bald. But here’s the thing you like your hair, you don’t want to shave it.

If you want to find a hairstyle for thin hair men that works with what you got in today’s, then go through our hairstyle list below that works with thinning hair.

If you struggle with hair, then think upward. The hairstyles we have mentioned in our list brings hair up in the center to detract hair thickness add some well-landscaped hair to distract the attention of thinning hair further away.

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Men’s Haircut and Style for Thinning Hair

Best hairstyles for thin hair men

Well, we have brought you some hairstyles that will help you look handsome on behalf of thin hair.

Most youngsters of this generation try to cure thin hair through medication, but this has gone wrong. Instead of taking medication, you can try our below hairstyle recommendation, which will change your look.

Hipster’s Hair

Hipsters Hair

Hipster’s hair is one of the modern hairstyles for thin hair men. This style features a close cut all around the sides and back, leaving as much remaining hair as possible up top.

Using products to make your hair thicker puts the hair in the worst condition, so instead of trying to grow a thick regal beard that will capture attention with this hairstyle.

Long Flowing Locks

Best long hairstyles for men

We have seen in romance novels, and a hero comes along with long flowing locks hairs, but what if your hair is thinning.

Don’t worry; women love hair that flows down the neckwear your hair long loose and effortlessly swept back. With the thin hairs, you can also manage this hair cut with the help of a professional.

A man with long flowing locks looks mature and handsome and attracts the attention of the crowd.

Receding hairline haircuts

Receding hair line middle aged men

Older men do not only do receding hairline haircuts, but younger guys experience hair loss as well. Embrace this change by sharing some hair off half the head and replacing it with a meaningful artistic tattoo.

It can make the rest of your hair beautiful if you are struggling with a receding hairline. Never tensed looking like a grandpa just yet, there are plenty of men’s hairstyles that bring shape and dimension to the hair. You still have style at right, and your secret is safe to hold.


Hairdo hairstyles

Do you want to return to your youth time? Returning to a hairdo can make you remember your past likely sported in elementary school.

In this hairstyle, hairs at the side are cut close and yet kept long in the middle. This style features combed back hair with little spiking in the middle and side too. One solution to thinning hair is to embrace it.

If you are going old, thinning grey hair can make you look handsomely dignified, and that’s why a hairdo is known as the best hairstyle for thin hair men.

Square bottom cut

Square bottom cut

If your hair flies towards the south, then grow them out to make it seem on the right hairstyle.

Long, combed back hair naturally looks thicker. Add your thinner hair in a square bottom cut midway down the neck. You will love a youthful flowing hair result.

Even young men have fun hair. Unfortunately, it can be concealed in various ways; this is one of the best haircuts for thin hair.

The Texture Caesar

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Tony Flynn in summer mode whilst modeling in the south of France

In this particular hairstyle for thin hair men, the hair is cut clipper short on the sides and back and left finger-length on top.

As this hair is style-forward and got a messy look, it enhances a bit more texture in the front. This hairstyle is great if you’re starting to have a receding hairline.

Now for this particular hairstyle, I do recommend you look over others instead of gel. Often they’re going to clump your hair together, and it appears even more prominently.

Just not going to give you a good look; it’s going to make some of the bald spots appear even more prominently.

Swept-back pompadour

Swept back pompadour

The next hairstyle on our list for men losing their hair or dealing with thinning hair is the swept-back pompadour.

So if you’re starting to lose your hair right up front, this may not be the hairstyle for you. But, if you’re losing your hair back here on the crown, this is the style you’re looking for.

Basically, with this hairstyle, you’re sweeping back the hair over your head with height and volume at the front, on the sides, you’re keeping it short.

You can go for finger length or cut it short with clippers and go for a more tapered look. The nice thing about the tapered side look is it makes the hair on top look a lot more prominent.

This hairstyle takes a bit of planning. You got to make sure you get the right cut.

If you’re starting with shorter hair, you’re going to need to let that hair on top grow out for a while, probably a couple of months, but once you get it, you’re going to find that this is a solid look.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The next hairstyle for thin hair men on our list for the thin-haired man is the crew cut. Now a crew cut is also known as a short back and sides.

The hair is left, a little bit longer on top, and then tapered in the back and on the sides with what’s called a fade.

Now the best thing about this style if you’re losing your hair is it de-emphasizes thinning hair. It does this by reducing the level of contrast between the temples and the side of the head.

For all the hairstyles we were talking about, we do recommend that you work with a professional.

Especially we go for something that’s going to blend in, that’s going to work with your bald spots at the back or the front.

Spiky textured cut

Spikey textured cut

You’re looking for the next hairstyle for thin hair men is the spiky textured cut.

This style isn’t for everybody, but if you want a style that will help give a lot more texture to the top of your head and it’s going to help cover up bald spots, you want to look at this style.

So, in general, with this hairstyle, we’re going to see a mid fade.

We’re going to see short hair at the back, and it’s going to get longer up on the top again because we’re going for texture volume.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Don’t panic; this is not the same as shaving your head bald; it’s close, yes but, there is a distinct and a big difference with the buzz cut.

You still feel like your hair is still there even if you’ve just got a quarter of an inch. For some reason, it gives a lot of guys that bit more confidence.

Buzzcut has a short style all around my head that complements the best part about this. Because your hair is short all the way around, it does a great job of masking your receding hairline.

Another benefit’s easy to take care of, you can now do all your haircuts from home.

Shaved Head

Shaved head

At the end of the day, if all of the above hairstyles for thin hair don’t fit your style, there is one style that suits all guys.

That style my friend is the shaved head. No matter how many ways you try to hide your thinning hair, sometimes we just have to admit defeat and go for the simple solution.

That solution is the good old shaved head.

But don’t for one minute think we are throwing in the towel here and that we can’t still look great.

Top Hollywood stars have all tried the shaved head look and pulled it off to great effect. The latest stars were Tom Hardy, Brad Pitt, and Justin Timberlake to name but a few.

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