Mastering Precision: Unveiling the Secrets of the Number 2 Fade Haircut (2024)

What is a number 2 fade haircut?

The number 2 fade haircut is unlike the average fade haircut in every way possible.

First and foremost, the number 2 fade haircut shaves off a quarter of an inch (1/4″) with each swipe.

While it serves the same purpose and gives the frontal region a massive boost in volume, the texture is a bit more lengthy than the average fade

The haircut numbers represent the guard sizes that are used for achieving the look, as a 2mm guard is frequently used when implementing it.

It has an appearance similar to that of blended sides and brings to the table a haircut that is perfectly balanced.

It supports each hair variation with an ideal amount of density, shine, and cleanliness, which is why it is an easy and frequent find in the white collar industry.

The elegance it carries is truly unparalleled and makes it a frontrunner amongst its competitors.

What Tools Will I Need to Get a Fade Haircut

The popular choice is for a good set of quality hair clippers that will allow you to get a gradual fade. You will also need a comb and scissors depending on which hairstyle you are trying to achieve on top.

The last thing you want is for a dramatic change in hair length, so using hair clipper sizes is a safe bet to cut at one length and if you are happy, do down to the next clipper size.

The first time you use hair clippers, make sure you make a note of what size clipper guard helped you to achieve your perfect haircut.

The Fade Haircut

The fade haircut has been a timeless look for people around the world for decades now and is one of the most popular haircuts and a perfect fade.

It is a prominent hair length for bringing out the best in a person’s facial features and tends to give the wearer a chiseled face.

It is an effective hair variation to resort to for achieving a drastic transformation overnight.

Apart from being presentable, the fade haircut goes well with any sort of outfit.

Whether it’s paired up with a suit, or casual slacks and a button-down shirt, the remarkable haircut will never fail to make its presence known.

The stylish look has been even more popular in recent years with covid lockdowns seeing guys cutting hair from home, without access to a professional barber.

The shorter length fade hairstyle was quick and easy to do without a visit to the barber shop.

The fade haircut was meant for carrying out experiments, and people really understood that assignment.

Ever since its discovery, people have reinvented and recreated an enormous amount of variations for the fade haircut, like the crew cut and short buzz cut.

The look has truly been welcomed with open arms, and mainly stands out for its bold yet elegant appearance.

With different types of fades also being popular, we will cover this specific style in this guide including clipper guard sizes to use to line up and get this type of fade.

While the options are endless and keep adding with each day, there’s one specific variation that has been consistently adding to its fan base since its discovery: the number 2 fade.

In this article, we’ll be covering every little detail about the number 2 fade and explaining the ways it can be incorporated and implemented to make one rise above the rest.

We will also be carrying out a thorough coverage of the numerous variations that can be achieved with the number 2 fade, and providing you with information that will surely work in favor of your case.

hairclippers to help create a number 2 fade

What is the difference between a Low, Medium, and High Fade?

There are three basic cuts of the hairline: the low, medium, and high fade. Each one has its own benefits.

These styles are extremely versatile and can look great with any hair type.

The low fade starts with longer hair on the top of the head. It is then gradually trimmed down to the length of the temples.

To create a medium to high fade, you can use a blending brush or clipper comb to blend the top with the sides.

A low fade is a good option for a long-haired man. It’s subtle but gives your face a sophisticated edge.

It’s a good choice for men who want to maintain the look of their hair for several weeks before a new style is needed. It also grows out seamlessly and can give you a more classic look.

The mid-fade is the easiest to maintain of all the fades. It’s very versatile and works with any kind of hair type. It’s also a great option for people with thick or wavy hair.

The maximum height of a mid-fade is between two and three inches. A short fade is shorter than a long fade. The shorter of the two is the skin-fade.

A high fade begins at the top of the head and ends below the crown. The hairline goes straight towards the back of the head.

This style makes your hair appear thick and full while still being thin and attractive. It is also a versatile choice and goes well with undercuts, comb overs, and crew cuts.

In addition to a low fade, a high fade is a versatile option that works well with a variety of styles.

Different Types of fade Haircut

The number 2 fade is known for its adaptability and versatility. It adds a lot of contrast to the wearer’s hair, and rarely looks out of place.

The hair is usually short around the ear and gradually starts getting longer from then on by an inch.

The upper portion can be of any length but tends to look better when it’s much longer than the sides and the back. 

A good barber will help you to achieve your own personal style to suit your type of hair.

While this genre has very little detail on the web and does not have much fame under its belt, the number 2 fade does have a series of hairstyles that it easily adapts to.

Whether it’s a classic quiff or a professional comb over, the number 2 fade haircut never fails to make its mark.

Moving on, here are some of our favorite hairstyles that can effortlessly be presented with the number 2 fade.

1. A classic quiff Haircut

A classic quiff consists of voluminous hair on top and is very much like a slick back haircut.

However, the texture of this variant attains a tad bit more volume as opposed to a slick back, mainly since it’s usually slanted towards either the left or right.

A two fade is great for this hair variation, mainly since it heightens the contrast of the hair. It also brings out the best in one’s facial features, and towns down the width of their face shape.

The natural appearance of this hairstyle is further enhanced when combined with the number 2 fade.

number 2 fade

2. Fringe Haircut

While a grown out fringe brings to the table multiple benefits, the hairstyle is just as effective when the number two fade is thrown into the mix.

This variation will save those seeking a softer jawline and sharper cheekbones, as the strands that fall in the face will really shape the structure out in a favorable manner.

Moreover, the number 2 works wonders when this specific hairstyle contains highlights or a vibrant colored dye, as it amps up the volume and liveliness significantly.

3. Pompadour Hairstyle

A pompadour is renowned for its flawless appearance with a lot of hair on the top section of the head.

It is one of the most popular hairstyles and it involves dense hair that is pulled back with the use of a round hairbrush, with short sides as its leading assistants.

The sides support the hairdo by giving the frontal portion a subtle boost in contrast.

When paired with the number 2 fade, this haircut really stands out. The disconnection of the sides and the top is very subtle, which gives the overall look a more natural appeal.

Moreover, a regular pompadour involves the assistance of a skin fade, which is favorable, but suitable for casual occasions.

On the other hand, the number two fade will allow the wearer to rock it anywhere, especially during formal occasions like interviews.

number 2 fade

4. Top Knot Hairstyle

A top knot, commonly known as a man bun, offers a low maintenance routine with maximum appeal.

It comprises a natural appearance with an ample amount of thickness, which makes it a great choice for those that are growing their hair out and long hair.

Similarly to most hair variations on this list, it tends to give one’s face a slimming effect, which usually eliminates softer jawlines and replaces them with sharp and chiseled ones.

Moreover, while a top knot is frequently demonstrated through the assistance of a skin fade, the overall hairdo looks much more genuine when the number 2 fade is involved.

It gives the wearer a laid back appeal, which makes them much more approachable at social gatherings.

5. Slick Back

Slick back hair is for the professionals of the fade cut in the world of hair types. It contains a rather classic appearance where the hair is slicked back from the bottom to the top.

It contains tons of fluffiness, which is one of the main reasons why it looks flawless when worn with a chic-esque fitting suit.

The number two fade plays a minor but crucial role with making a slick back’s presence known. It takes zero to minimum amounts of strands and shapes up the face in a subtle way.

Incorporating this specific fade will also give the overall haircut a clean up, which will further increase the attraction the look contains because of the smoothness it will have around the edges.

Iconic Fade Styles

There are many other iconic styles such as the classic taper fade, faux hawk, Brooklyn fade, and bald fade haircut.

However, we have covered the most popular haircut styles and fades above to help give you a starting point.

2 Fade vs 3 Fade

The 2 fade is shorter than the 3 fade, but it looks more natural. This style has long hair on top that gradually blends into a shorter length on the sides.

It is also the classic style for those with longer hair, which is why it is so versatile. In addition, it will complement any type of haircut and will enhance your look.

The 2 to 3 fade is a popular choice for men because it is easy to apply and complements any type of hairstyle.

3 Fade vs 4 Fade

A high-fade, on the other hand, starts anywhere from the third-half of the head to the crown.

It’s the most extreme of the four fades, and it’s generally the least popular. A high-fade starts at the top of the head, and it’s often shorter than the rest.

But this isn’t the only difference between these two styles. This style is the most conservative of the two. 


Below are some queries we have addressed regarding the number 2 haircut that will help our readers acquire a sufficient amount of knowledge.

1. How short is the number 2 fade compared to the skin fade?

The number two fade shaves off ¼ of the hair, which equals to a quarter. The main aim of this variant is to give the layer on top a more genuine appearance.

On the other hand, a skin fade is achieved when the trimmer shaves the sides and back till the
skin is obviously visible. A skin fade solely serves one purpose: to give the upper region more
volume and density.

2. What number is good for a fade?

The answer to this question varies and completely depends on the wearer’s preference. Forinstance, if the wearer wants to give the hair a subtle boost in volume and smoothen the edges up a bit, the number 2 fade will be ideal.

However, if the wearer wants to give their face a flattering appearance and enhance the
thickness of the hair they have at the top, a skin fade will be ideal.

All in all, the fade haircut is extremely versatile, and can be achieved through using the guards
between 0 and 3.

3. What is a low fade?

A low fade involves shaving the sides entirely with a 0mm guard. The blends tend to start from
the sideburns and end when the temple is reached.

It is frequently chosen as opposed to a mid fade and high fade due to the tightness it adds to one’s face.

Conclusion – Number 2 Haircut’s

We hope this article provides you with enough knowledge on the hidden benefits of the number 2 fade.

We also hope it encourages you to experiment with your own hair and introduce it to your arsenal.

The number two fade has always been a hit, and it’s time for us to do it some justice.

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