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How to Line Up Your Beard

No beard grows flawlessly. Some beards grow in patchy while others might lack volume and density.

Imperfections in your beard are pretty normal, but some cases seem unacceptable, including messy and untidy beard lines.

Knowing the right ways on how to line up your beard is, therefore, crucial to achieving natural and well-groomed facial hair.

Lining up a beard isn’t easy, especially for beginners but doing this pursuit is possible. This guide can help you line up your beard properly and achieve your desired results.

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how to line up your beard
how to line up your beard

How To Trim A Beard Line

Dealing with a beard neckline can be challenging. If you follow the wrong steps, your beard lines might appear weird and unnatural.

When trimming your beard line, you need to follow these steps:

 ⦁ Find your beard line

Men follow basic protocols when finding their beard line. There are two common ways men do.

First is tilting their head downward to come up with a crease from where the top of their neck meets their jaw. 

Placing a finger where the crease is located and returning the head to normal helps spot the area that needs shaving.

The next method is placing two fingers over Adam’s apple. That is where the beard neckline would be.

Prep your skin

Your skin should be ready before you begin shaving. Preparing your skin makes shaving beard hair easier and more manageable.

Some products can help you in this pursuit, such as beard oils, shampoos, and beard balms.

You’re free to try a wide range of products and determine which works perfectly on your skin.

More men are even using tinted moisturizers to hydrate their follicles. Some moisturizers even contain antioxidants for more health benefits.

In preparing your skin, you can use shaving for the added moisture to make the razor’s movement smoother and more natural.

Shave everything below your imaginary line

As soon as you have all the things you need to determine where your beard neckline is, you can now proceed with shaving your beard line.

Remove the hair below the neckline using gentle strokes. Be extra cautious where you begin to avoid sharp edges outlining your mane.

Trimming your beard line must be done regularly. To ensure that your lines are defined and clean, do the trimming routinely.

If the beard grows fast, you can do this anytime to remove the facial hair and make you feel look fresh and clean.

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How To Trim Your Cheek Lines

Trimming the cheek lines depend on personal preference.

Sculpting it in many different ways is also allowed to come up with natural face shape and facial hair growth.

Most bearded men would agree that facial hair that grows so thick, long and messy is no longer sexy and pleasant to look at.

The following are helpful tips on how to trim your cheek lines the right way:

Establish a cheek line

The cheek line commonly runs from the sideburn’s end to the mustache.

You can actually achieve a diagonal and straight beard line and give this some curve.

Curved cheek lines work perfectly for those with an angular face because this makes the sharp features of the face soft.

A clearly defined straight line, on the other hand, is suited for a round face shape.

Work with natural growth

If in case you have a thin beard, maintain your beard’s bulk as much as possible by working with your normal cheek lines.

Clean up the strays, and do not worry a lot about having a well-defined line.

Keep it symmetrical

Regardless of how you trim and maintain your cheek line, it is a good idea to keep both sides symmetrical and even.

Beard science proves that symmetrical faces are more attractive, so you better keep this in mind when you are planning to meet and date a sexy and hot woman.

How to Fade A Beard

There are essential tools that you need to carry out the right steps on how to fade a beard, such as beard trimmers.

Trimmers can make beard trimming and fading a beard a lot easier with guaranteed flawless results. Some men prefer fading their beard instead of having it end shortly.

If you are more into a mixed and refined look, get your trimmer and follow these steps accordingly.

Set your trimmer length

Begin by adjusting the length of the beard trimmer to one or two settings lower than your beard hair.

This is an excellent way of giving your beard a more tapered and nicer look.

Remember that trimmer length may vary, especially if you have thicker growth. 

Target the area above your Adam’s apple

Take your beard trimmer and work on the area above your Adam’s apple. This is around 2 inches under your jaw.

Upon targeting the spot below your Adam’s apple, make sure that the upper half maintains its original length.

Blend the beard

Change the guard to a particular setting, and that’s midway between the hair you recently worked on and your original beard hair.

You can fade the hair by buzzing the two inches remaining to fade first to the second zone.

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Well Groomed Beard

A well-groomed beard is represented by the defined neck and cheek lines.

The cheek lines run along every cheekbone from the sideburn’s bottom to the edge of the mustache.

Moreover, necklines commonly run from ear to ear under the jawbones.

These connect at the center-right above men’s Adam’s apple. This might sound easy but lining your beard takes some work.

As soon as you know the essential points and tips mentioned above, you can easily get started in lining up your beard with ease and confidence.

Learning ways on how to line up a beard may also take trial and error on your part.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry much about committing minor mistakes. People make mistakes; this is natural.

If you stress over the probability of screwing up, you can just decide to let a trained barber do the work.

But this guide was created to help you do the trimming, lining and all relevant beard works properly. Refer to this guide and expect better results.

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How to line up your Beard – Conclusion

We hope our guide on how to line up your beard has given you some helpful tips to get the most out of your beard trimming to get that perfect beard line.

If you have any tips or hacks to share with our audience, then please write in the comments below.

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