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Heavy Stubble – 10 day beard guide

How to Grow and Trim a 10-Day Beard

Heavy Stubble is the coolest of all the stubble lengths and is also known as the 10 day beard. With a facial hair length of 4-5 mm (1/8 inch), it takes most guys around 10 days to grow if fully, hence the 10 day beard nick name.

In this guide, we will cover all you will need to know about Heavy Stubble and how to rock the hottest facial hair style.

Concept of Heavy Stubble Beard

Having a clean-shaven face may be the standard of being hygienic but it makes the guy plain and ordinary. Leaving an impression of masculinity is the guy that is sporting a heavy stubble beard that is oftentimes referred to as a “lazy man’s beard” or a “ten-days beard”.

There are three versions of facial hair stubble –

Light stubble – 1 or 2 days unshaven

Medium stubble – 3 to 7 days unshaven

Heavy stubble – 8 to 10 days unshaven

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Length of Heavy Stubble

You might be caught in quandary as to the length of the beard that can be aptly considered as a heavy stubble considering that we have the three types of stubble. If the beard measures about 4-5 mm or about 1/8inch (20.32 cm) it can be called heavy stubble.

If ever the beard is a little longer than that then it is referred to as short boxed beard and on the other way around if it is shorter, it will be called as a medium stubble.  

If you are a type of guy that has growth rate of beard of about ½ inch in a month likelier than not, you can achieve the heavy stubble look in about ten days if your starting point is a clean-shaven face.  

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heavy stubble
Heavy Stubble

How to Trim Heavy Stubble

It may be called as the “lazy man’s beard” but this does not necessarily mean that you will not have to make an effort to achieve the classic masculine look of heavy stubble.

It takes a lot of effort to make it appear “effortless” to have a well-groomed hair on the cheeks, chin and a mustache with a well-defined necklines and cheek lines.

Keeping your heavy stubble neat and well-groomed requires an artistic styling of which you can make use of a stubble trimmer to achieve the kind of look that you want. You can be playful with the beard length of 4-5 mm beard of which you can have it sculptured to enhance your facial features.

Heavy Stubble Branded as the “most attractive beard”

Among the 3 stubble types it is the heavy stubble that is branded as the “most attractive”.

This is based on the research published in “The Journal of Personality and Individual Differences” .

Most of the respondents had categorized heavy stubble as the most attractive stubble type compared to other facial hairstyles such as the light stubble and medium stubble.

There could be varied reasons as to why the heavy stubble was being classed as the “most attractive stubble” compared to the 5 o’clock shadow and other types of stubble.

Most probably the 10 day stubble when properly kept trimmed and well-groomed appears to be rather “intentional” than just having a lazy mode of shaving.

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Mirror Image of 10-day Stubble

If you are uncertain of what is the “look” of having a 10-day beard then make a mirror image of a man having a hair on his chin as well as on the cheeks.

The neckline and cheek lines are well-kept and defined in the mustache. If you think that the look will fit to the kind of personality that you wanted to project, then by all means try to grow your facial hair and make sure to keep it neat and groomed.

The secret of the “gorgeous sophistication” of the 10-day stubble is on its neatness and well sculptured beard. If not, you might be mistaken for a man to have lived a hermit life that eventually forgot to shave his face.

Be sleek with your 10-day stubble by trimming your beard to your desired length and style.

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Styles for 10-day Stubble

Since styling the 10-day stubble is the key secret in achieving the ultimate look of ruggedness sophistication a ’la Sean Connery then you must know which style will be perfect for you.

Do not imitate the style of a celebrity but rather focus on your own facial features. The 10-day stubble must enhance your facial features.

We have different facial shapes and for that there are different stubble style that will complement each type of facial shape.
For oval shaped face the perfect style to complement your facial features is to have a well-defined unison of the beard and jaw.

A fuller and longer bottom will be a perfect look for guys having a square face and round face. But if you got a rectangular shaped face you must opt to have the sides fuller while shorter on the bottom.

The 10-day stubble is the most effective way to accentuate your facial features.

However, the style should complement your facial shape rather than imitating the look of somebody else. You must always bear in mind that “uniqueness” is the one that makes the 10-day stubble stands out.

It adds a certain “glamour” to a man without compromising the look of “rugged masculinity”.

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