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How to Soften Stubble – Top Tips

The first time you grow a beard stubble, you may think everything will go smoothly. However, it is not as easy as not shaving for weeks. Itchiness, beard dandruff, and prickliness are some signs that your stubble requires hydration and moisturizing.

Men’s beard stubble portrays a rough-and-ready persona and boosts masculinity points. When it comes to the most attractive beard length, most women choose stubble. But, anything in beard grooming requires consistency and persistence.

Keep reading to find how to soften stubble and get a softer beard that women will love!

Why Does Beard Stubble Feel Sharp?

Beard stubble feels sharp because shorter hairs have uneven and sharper edges. You can feel them abrasive against your fingers.

Even a difference of a millimeter can already make a huge difference in texture. Your stubble is super short, so expect it will not be bendable similar to your head’s top hair. Another critical factor that determines the roughness of your stubble is how dry it is.

how to soften stubble

Can You Put Hair Conditioner On Your Beard?

Yes, a regular hair conditioner is safe to use on facial hair, like your beard stubble to make your beard feel softer. Hair conditioners have the same formulation as beard conditioners. This means applying your hair conditioner on your beard help nourish the hair and skin. It also locks in moisture to make your stubble feel softer.

Does Coconut Oil Soften Beard Stubble?

Yes, coconut oil helps to soften beard stubble while protecting the outer layers. The oil may also nourish and protect the skin barrier. Applying coconut oil to your stubble promotes healing if you experience skin irritation. This oil works as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent.

On the other hand, this oil is comedogenic, causing clogged pores and may cause acne. If you are prone to acne around the beard area but want to try coconut oil, you should be aware of this possibility or better to try beard oil.

How to Apply Beard Oil to Stubble

Applying beard oil on your stubble is very easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Apply 2-3 drops of beard oil on your palm.
  • Rub hands together to spread the beard oil around your fingers and palms.
  • Rub your fingers and palms across the facial hair on both your cheeks.
  • Rub your hands down the front of your face to cover your upper lip and chin.
  • Distribute the oil evenly by running a comb through your stubble.

Give Beard Balm A Try

A beard balm refers to a leave-in conditioner used to moisturize, condition, and soften beard and stubble. Most beard balms contain sweet almonds to condition, shea butter to moisturize and soften stubble, and beeswax to protect and seal the moisture in facial hair.

Applying a beard balm helps grow your supper short beard stubble. Because of its thick texture, ensure to rub it well when using it on your facial hair to prevent any glops.

How to Soften Stubble – Quick Tips

You do not need to put too much effort and time into making your stubble feel softer.

Below are quick tips you can employ to soften stubble:

1 Wash your stubble well

Washing your stubble removes the excess oil, grime, and dirt that compromise hair health. Keep the general cleansing down minimal. You can wash it 1-2 times a week.

2 Grow It Longer 

Giving the beard stubble a little bit more time to grow longer makes it heavier and more flexible. Once you place your hand flat against your stubble, you can feel that the hair is much softer. Ideally, you can grow your facial hair to around 10-15 millimeters.

3 Shave Close Outside the Borders

Keep your stubble soft by trimming it. This method is not hard to do as it only takes around a minute or less per day. It also makes your stubble look clean and prevents skin irritation. Do it by shaving close outside the borders.

4 Moisturize using beard oil

Apply beard oil or conditioner on your stubble twice a day to soften your beard. These products come with vitamins and nutrients that penetrate and soften beard hair. In return, your facial hair relaxes and gets a healthy shine. The hair also moves gently against the hair to prevent yourself from scratching or scraping it.

5 Brush the Beard 

You might not have a lot of facial hair, but using a beard brush help soften your stubble. It helps distribute the products thoroughly. You may likewise use this time to spot-check your beard hairs sticking out.

6 Stubble Softening Pads 

A stubble pad is another essential item for grooming your stubble. You can use it on your facial hair daily. It helps to soften your stubble fast and is a fast solution for busy guys who need a quick stubble fix.

What Home Remedies Can I Use to Make My Beard Soft?

You can encounter many home remedies for making your beard or stubble soft. However, most of them are effective; others do not guarantee the expected results. This means you have to be meticulous in choosing suitable home remedies for your facial hair.

Below are two of the many home remedies you can to soften your beard stubble. Beware that they may or may not work.

Use Olive Oil 

Apply olive oil regularly on the beard stubble so that it stays soft and black. This oil comes with moisturizing properties. Besides softening your stubble, olive oil also promotes growth to help grow your beard faster.

Warm two tablespoons of olive oil. If you can already handle temperature, massage the oil on your stubble. You can leave it overnight. Then, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Use Argan Oil 

Argan oil is commonly used in cosmetic products because it is loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E, making it an ideal ingredient for facial hair products. Just like olive oil, you can apply it to your stubble in its purest form. It is effective in softening and moisturizing beard stubble.


While heavy stubble can make your look more attractive, you have to keep your stubble soft to avoid skin irritation, dryness, itchiness, or a sharp feel. You can apply different facial hair products such as beard balm, beard oil, or conditioner to solve these problems. You can also try some home remedies as mentioned above.

If you put some time into maintaining your stubble beard, you will clearly see results and start to feel your stubble is softer over time.

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