Whats the Longest Clipper Guard Size?

A hair clipper guard, also known as a barber clipper blade guard, is a metal attachment that fits over the top of a hair clipper, preventing the clipper blades from cutting anything but hair.

They come in a variety of clipper sizes, shapes, and colors.

So what’s the longest clipper guard size? For the leading brands they are as follows:

Wahl – #12 (1.5 inches)

Oster – #10 (1.25 inches)

Andis and Remington- #8 (1 Inch)

BabylissPro – #6 (0.75 Inches)

Now that we have the longest clipper guard sizes from each of the top brands, lets now explore why they each have different guard sizes?

Why Do Brands Have Different Longest Clipper Guards?

Some of these clipper guards are very long, while others are a lot shorter. And what works for one person won’t work for everyone else.

That’s because we all have different hair types and lengths, just like we have different head shapes.

There are lots of brands that have hair clipper guards available in longer sizes. The brands that we could find are:

Wahl Clipper Guard Sizes

These are the different Wahl hair clipper guard sizes. It is important to use the right size of hair clipper guards for the job.

For example, if you are clipping your hair from ear level, you will probably need length #2 hair clipper guards. If you are shaving your head, you will need a smaller size.

The smallest size is 1/16” and is used for cutting around the ears and neckline.

The Wahl clipper guards size 12 is very popular and  is 1.5” and is used for cutting hair on the top of the head.

We have a great video on How to use Wahl  Clippers here


Oster's Clipper Guard Sizes

Oster’s long hair clipper guards are high quality and reasonably priced.

In general, there are three sizes of hair clipper guards used on Oster clippers. The mini/size 1 is the smallest, only 1/16 inches in length.

The size #2 is the most common, coming in at 1/4 inches in length. The size #10 is the longest at 1-1/4 inches.


Andis and Remington Clipper Guard Sizes

There are many features that make Andis and Remington brands that many hairstylists use.

One of the features is the variety of hair clipper guards that they offer. There are several different hair clipper guard sizes offered by Andis: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8-inch.

The most common size is 3/8-inch, and the most unusual size is 7/8-inch.


Using Hair Clippers At Home

Using the same hair clippers as a professional barber is one of the top ways to get a great haircut at home.

But the key to doing so is using the right hair clipper guard size.

Not all clipper guards are made the same, and not all of them will work on your head or face.

So how do you figure out which one is right for you?

The answer is understanding the different types of clipper guards and how they influence your haircut.

If you like this, why not check out How to use hair clippers

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How Do Hair Clipper Guards Work?

Every hair clipper guard is a small part that is designed to fit inside any hair clipper.

They help the clippers cut hair better, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

They work because they change the shape of the blade so that the clipper can cut long hair better, and they also protect the hair from the sharp blade

Check out our latest post on How to clean hair clippers

whats the longest hair clipper guard size
what's the longest clipper guard size

Why Don’t Clipper Guards Come in Even Longer Sizes?

The reason for this is that the longer the guard, the more hair it will take off.

This results in the clipper having to get closer to the head, which results in a closer cut.

Some people like the close cut (Buzz Cut, Fade), while others like a longer, more traditional cut.

Hair clipper sets typically come with a standard size guard, but you can purchase a wider range of guards separately.

Can You Find Even Longer Clipper Guards Online?

If you’re looking for long hair clipper guards, there are some great online retailers.

You can also get guards that will fit onto most popular brands, check out Amazon Choices

Any Other Ways to Get Longer Trims with Clippers?

There are three ways that you can get longer trims with hair clippers.

1 – The first is to use clipper guard sizes that are larger than those that you would normally use.

2 – The second way is to run the clippers at lower speeds and test the different clipper sizes.

3 – The third way would be using a tool called HairFin. The HairFin is a revolutionary tool for men, and it’s one that could easily change the way you cut your hair

This unique invention can help you save time, and it can also help you get longer, more even trims with the clippers.

Even just using it for a few minutes each week can help you ensure that your barber or stylist never trims more than what you want and that you never get a haircut that’s shorter than you want.

Final Thoughts

We now hope that you know what’s the longest clipper guard sizes?

We have given you the hair clipper guard size charts for the top brands including Wahl, Andis and Oster

Please share the clipper guard sizes and leave any comments or tips below. Have you tried various clipper sizes, what were your results?

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