How To Clean Hair Clippers

why Should I Maintain and Clean Hair Clippers?

Properly maintained hair clippers are important for many reason, but here are the main three reasons –

1 Ensures total hygiene when using the clippers on either yourself or a client.

2 Extends the life of your trusted hair clippers.

3 Contributes to the overall performance of your clippers to ensure they cut properly and effectively.

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How to Clean Your Hair Clippers?

It would have been a troublesome scenario having to replace hair clippers whenever you’re done using them. It will not only cost you money but waste your time and effort as well. This is where hair clipper maintenance appears in the process.

Cleaning hair clippers can be challenging, especially if you want to maintain their efficiency. That requires a lot of effort from you. For beginners, following the basic steps below might be helpful:

Step 1. Get a brush. The one utilized in doing your laundry is preferred. Use it to get rid of the bulk of hair stuck on the clipper.

Step 2. Once done, get a smaller brush. Use this to make sure that all the leftover hair and residues are eliminated.

Various hair clipper sets are already enclosed with a brush and maintenance kit.

But if you don’t have one, you can find some alternatives like a fingernail brush or an old toothbrush. Just see to it that they are strong enough to use.

Step 3. Scrub the clippers repeatedly. Be sure that everything is eliminated. Don’t stop until all the dirt and residues and other waste particles are completely brushed away.

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Removing Remaining Hairs Using a Liquid Solution

Scrubbing alone doesn’t remove excess hairs and other debris. Possible alternatives to do the job completely are required.

Eliminating excess wastes from the hair clippers prevents clogging. It leaves the clippers undamaged and remains in excellent working condition. Utilizing liquid solution to tidy up the clippers deeply is helpful.

The most effective way of tidying up hair clippers deeply is through using clipper spray or blade wash solution available in the market. They instantly clean the hair clippers, eliminating harmful microorganisms as well as unpleasant odors. These products also hinder mold from breeding that eventually causes rusting.

But if it’s overwhelming for you to buy one, practice your resourcefulness. Vinegar and rubbing alcohol are readily accessible in your home. Use the one that is more convenient to you.

Vinegar is acidic. So it is perfect for fighting microorganisms from growing. It is also non-toxic, making it safe to use. Just make sure to allow your clippers to dry fully afterward.

If you run out of vinegar, you can use rubbing alcohol instead. It works similarly to what vinegar solution can do. Just put a little amount on the clippers and allow it to dry.

Removing hairs from hair clippers
How to clean hair clippers

Sterilize Your Clippers

Sterilization is the procedure of eliminating biological organisms from an object.

This can be done using chemicals or whatever type of substance that might prevent them from building up.
Sterilizing of hair clippers is vital in deterring unwanted and harmful microorganisms from breeding.

Keeping these microorganisms off your hair clippers also keeps you away from possible health risks like infections. Clippers free from harmful microorganisms are far more encouraging to use.

How to Sterilize Your Clippers?

Sterilizing hair clippers also requires the use of alcohol solutions. Do it by pouring a small quantity of alcohol over your clippers. Repeat the process until you are sure that it’s completely clean. Set it aside and allow it to dry. Vinegar solution functions similarly.

Regular sterilization of hair clippers is recommended. It is ideal if you sterilize them following how frequent your usage is.

Disinfect The Blades

Disinfecting hair clippers can be done using two ways, the use of heat and chemicals. Hair clippers that are exclusively made from metal can be heated to a certain temperature where microorganisms’ death is assured.

But with clippers made from other vulnerable materials like plastic, heating is not advisable. The application of chemicals is best suited to these types. The use of hair clipper spray is one example.

Hair clipper spray serves as protection against rust build-up. It is essential, especially when your storage area exhibits an unfavorable atmosphere. Clipper spray is not just a great disinfectant but keeps clippers neat and cool as well.

Ensure The Blade Is Aligned Correctly

Correct alignment of the clipper blades helps avoid unnecessary accidents like cuts or slips.It makes you feel at ease while doing hair cutting.

How to align the blade correctly?

Grab the clippers sideways and mind their length whenever you are using them. Make sure that the blades are in a similar position with the cutter blade or barely set backward.

See to it that the blade is faultlessly in a straight line. Prevent teeth from bulging. This might be risky for you. If you wish to loosen the blade screws, use a screwdriver.

Carefully return the screws. Make it as tight as possible. This will secure your cutting blade.
Once done, assess its final appearance. A ruler might help secure a steady and appropriately aligned blade.
Switch it on and carefully run its blade over your hand to test if the alignment is correct.

Clippers vary in terms of features and components. These may affect the manner of aligning the blades. Better to review the enclosed instructions beforehand.

Use Hair Clipper Oil

The main purpose of utilizing hair clipper oil is to conserve the blade’s sharpness for a longer time. Applying clipper oil for every cut you do is necessary. Make it a habit to apply it whenever you use the clipper.

How To Use Hair Clipper Oil

Hair Clipper oil application revolves around these four basic steps:

Start by putting a dip of oil to every corner of the moving blade, then to the middle portion until it reaches the teeth.

Apply ample amounts only. Too much application may attract dust and other types of dirt.
Switch it on and let it operate for a while to spread the oil evenly.
Remove any leftover oil using a cloth.

Securing your hair clippers’ all-time high working performance is the bottom-line of practicing proper care and maintenance.

It is difficult to achieve if you don’t have adequate knowledge of maintenance. But following the information provided above will be of great help to you.

Make proper care and maintenance of your hair clippers a habit. You will never regret it.

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Do You Now Know How To clean Hair Clippers?

We now hope that you have enough information and have watched some videos on how to clean hair clippers.

The best way to get in the habit of good hair clipper maintenance is to start from now and get into a good cleaning routine.

If you have any tips or hacks on how to clean hair clippers, then share them with our audience below.

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