cure bad body odours

How to cure body odour permanently?

By keeping clean and dry daily! Get a daily washing and bathing routine in place, it’s a great start to ensure you know how to cure body odours permanently.

Yes, it’s that simple but let’s investigate the reasons some people smell more of odour than others in more detail.

This will help to give you some pointers to improve your daily male grooming regime and help you to smell like a king.

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1 Personal Hygiene and male grooming routine

It’s so important to get your daily skin and body care routine in order to cure body odour. It’s no good getting out of bed late for work, throwing on a nice clean shirt and smelling like a tramp’s vest.
Get your priories right from the start and allow yourself time in the morning to shower and groom yourself prior to putting on those clean clothes.
For a full list of male grooming tips that will help you to start the day the right way, read more Men’s Grooming Guide and Tips

mesomen's grooming tips

2 Lets also look at the causes of body odour

Sweat on its own is not the main reason for bad smells. Each person has around 2 million sweat glands on our bodies which produce approximately 3 litres of sweat every 24 hours. Yes, that seems like a lot of sweaty bodies!

3 Why do we sweat?

To stop you from overheating and control your body temperature is the main function. However, that does not mean that everyone will be able to use this mechanism to keep them cool and odour free.
I think we all know that one person who sweats his daily 3 litres whilst eating a burger. Others can simply think about a bad situation, get nervous and sweat a bucket load in a matter of minutes.

4 Exercising

As we all know, the fastest way to produce sweat is by exercising. So, should we avoid exercise all together. Absolutely not!
Good health and fitness are essential for keeping our bodies in good shape. The down side of sweating is just a caveat that we must put up with.
Hair has been noted as one of the main contributors to trapping unwanted smells and odours.

5 So how can we control our hair?

For most men, shaving your armpits is a big no and an option only ever considered by women. However, if I really did suffer badly and needed to get the problem sorted, this would be an option that I would consider.
Why do you think most top sportsmen and women get rid of unwanted body hair? Yes, they sweat a lot and the hair helps to trap the sweat which leads to bad smells. Have you noticed how top cyclists all have shaven legs?

6 Body hair, get rid of it!

How many times as a man would you be showing your shaved armpits? Exactly, but people can tell you have entered the room when you are only in the corridor, point taken.
Body hair is also a problem for some men, especially after a workout at the gym. If that’s you, why not consider man scaping. It will allow you to get rid of your body hair and to keep unwanted sweat and smells at bay, which will help to cure bad body odours.

7 How to Manscape

Manscaping allows the body to be trimmed, kept clean and dry which in turn will make you feel more confident about smelling good. It’s a great way to get your confidence back!
The great part about this male grooming routine, is that most men these days have a beard or stubble trimmer and razor in their bathroom cupboard. Get them out and get rid of your hair today and start feeling the benefits.
You can read the full article for manscaping here with lots of great tips, including how to manscape downstairs or watch the great video below from Weston Boucher.

8 Wear Clean Clothes Everyday

This might sound a bit obvious, but people I work with wear the same shirt two days on the run. That might be ok if you don’t suffer with odour, but there is an underlying factor.
When you don’t wash your clothes after wearing them, they can harbour microorganisms. This alone is enough of a reason to wash your clothes every day. The microorganisms can grow and turn into skin infections which is not what you want.

9 How to get odours out of my clothes

If you have worn your clothes to work and they are pretty much walking home on their own, then a normal wash will probably not get them totally odour free. Try soaking the clothes for ten minutes in white vinegar and water prior to putting them in the washing machine.
White vinegar is a great odour neutraliser and will help get your clothes feeling fresh and clean.

10 Tips for the summer

During the hotter months, you must keep on top of your grooming game. If not, it’s back to the square one before you’ve even left your home. Yes, get a shower or bath at least once in the morning and once after work.

11 Remedies to try yourself

If you really do suffer badly from bad body odour, then talcum powder can be applied under the arms as a way of keeping you drier. It’s been used for many people for years and it’s a simple but effective starting point.
Deodorants only mask the smell and don’t cut down on sweat rot. I have found personally, that avoiding using a deodorant has helped me to reduce sweating.
An all-natural alternative to deodorant is witch hazel that can be applied under the arms.
Also, don’t put yourself in situations that make you feel nervous or anxious. This can trigger your symptoms so just try to avoid these situations.

How to cure body odour permanently?
Tony Flynn in summer mode whilst modeling in the south of France

12 Change Your Clothes and Shoes

This might sound obvious, but don’t try to get two days out of a shirt if you suffer from sweating.
Also, try to change your shoes each day, give your insoles a break. You can also give the inside of your shoes a clean with white vinegar to get rid of lingering odours.
Sorry to mention this but it must be said, clean socks are a must. It’s not good freshening up your shoes and wearing yesterday’s socks to cut down on the wash bill.

13 Aftershaves to Mask the Smell

Masking your BO with an avalanche of men’s aftershave by Hugo Boss or Tom Ford will not get you any female admirers for a start. However, for a quick solution to the problem near the end of the day, I suppose it beats smelling like a pig.
After you have showered in the morning, look to apply a long-lasting aftershave that will help keeping you smelling fresher for longer.
For more on how to smell your best all day, check out the video below by Jair Woo and check out his site HERE

14 How to Know Which Aftershave will Last Longer?

Look out for the base notes. These are the fragrance that will last the longest and help you out during the day. Good base notes to look out for are sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, patchouli and oak moss.
Read more about base notes HERE

15 Foods to avoid

Garlic, curry, onions and alcohol are all foods that can come out through the skin. They can also help to increase sweating in the first place, so avoiding a hot vindaloo in summer might be a good idea, especially if you must down five pints of beer to get rid of the hotness from the curry.

16 Foods to Help

By changing your diet, you can really help to reduce sweat, even with only a few small changes. Below are some foods that have been tested as ways to help you and your body, so give them a try and see what works best for you.
Drinking more water is the obvious starting point. It will help to cool you down and to stop dehydration of the skin. Other foods include water dense fruits, calcium rich foods including cheese and dairy, whey, oats, almonds, sweet potatoes, green tea and bananas.
For a more in depth look at the foods, read more HERE

How to Reduce Sweat

So, to conclude, there is many factors to help you reduce sweat and in turn these will help you to cure bad body odour permanently.
From your bathroom daily wash routine, to getting rid of man hair, washing your clothes, exercising and to the foods we eat and avoid, it’s all down to what works best for you.
Give some ideas a try and see if you can achieve a better smelling torso that will drive the ladies wild. If you can’t drive them wild, at least you won’t kill them with the smell!


Body odour has always been a bit of a taboo subject but now there is no need to be left in the dark. We hope the above tips on how to cure bad body odour permanently has helped you to improve your men’s grooming for body odour
Do you have any tips you would like to share?
If Yes, Please comment below and share your tips.
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