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Altr Skin Care with Honest Vitamin C Serum

Altr for men skin care (Altr London) are a top UK men’s make up brand set up by Entrepreneur Alex Doyle.

With cosmetics for men now being accepted as the norm, Altr London has tapped into a unique market to help guys fix their blemishes and spots, with their simple and easy to use men’s makeup and skin care range.

With a small range of men’s skin care products to help improve your skin’s appearance, it’s easy to see why the Altr for men skincare brand is fast becoming more and more popular with today’s Men’s Grooming Industry.

With their product range comprising of two different categories, Cosmetics and Skin Care, let’s look at their Make-Up range first including their Men’s Concealers.

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Men’s Cosmetics by Altr

Altr Face Fix is an oil based concealer that took over a year to develop.

With the everyday male skin type as its key focus, the different skin types to women made this a challenge to get right, with men having more active sebaceous glands, this is tougher and more oilier than a woman’s skin.

Face Fix uses a series of natural waxes including Supreme China Clay, which is the real winner for Altr. This combination of waxes creates a smooth texture and undetectable finish, leaving your skin looking perfect.

Honest Vitamin C Serum is also a very important ingredient within the Altr skin care range.

How do I get the right tone for my skin type?

Altr have come up with a simple and easy to use Shade Chart. This allows you to match up your skin’s color and shade to ensure you purchase the correct concealer to match your skin type.

You can even choose two Skin Tones and have them in the one tin. See the simple Shade Chart Below:

Altr Four Skin Tones To Pick From:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Bronze
  • Dark

Altr Face Fix Video Review

Will Altr Face Fix conceal Redness, imperfections and Dark Circles?

Best of all, the product is in a male looking blue tin that fits easily into your pocket. That way, you can conceal your concealer, even when out and about with your friends.

You can also buy a half and half tin with two different skin tones, as mentioned above, how good is that!

This means, that if you want to have a bronze tone for when you have a suntan but also want the light tone for when the tan disappears, then you can. Great for guys planning a holiday, and their 15 g tin is a travel-friendly size.

Benefits of Face Fix by Altr

Conceals dark circles, redness and blemishes

Quick and easy to apply

Undetectable and natural finish to your skin

Natural Waxes including Supreme China Clay which helps to draw out dirt, grease and excess oil from your skin.

Easy to use Shade Chart – Light, Medium, Bronze and Dark

Fits easily into your pocket or bag

Made in the UK and is Animal Cruelty Free

How to apply Face Fix

If you have ever applied Lip Balm, then you are good to go, It’s really that simple.

Choose your skin tone using the Altr Shade Chart
Using your little finger, apply a small amount to the affected area. You can also check out the video below.

Pros of Altr Face Fix

Great product that does exactly what it says on the tin!

Once you’ve decided what skin type is best suited to your skin, it’s easy to apply and works well. In its small and compact tin, it was easy to have with me at all times, just in case I needed to apply a little bit more.

This should definitely be part of your men’s makeup kit for keeping on top of those men’s skincare issues.


The Shade Guide is a great idea, but for some, this will be a bit too much hassle. If that’s you, try the Bronzing Gel below, it’s a one size fits all solution that works really well.

Bronzing Gel by Altr

If you just simply want the one product that fits all skin tones, then the Bronzing Gel is the men’s bronzer for you.

No need for a Shade Chart, simply apply the gel, and your good to go. With a healthy glow to the skin and a subtle tint, this was my personal favourite out of the men’s concealers.

It was simple to use and gave my skin a great feel and look that was most suited to me.

Pros of Bronzing Gel

One size fits all, with no Shade Chart to use. Gives a subtle tint to your skin that gave me a more glowing effect that people actually noticed.

Also, feels great against the skin when applying and lasted all day.


To be perfectly honest, this was my favorite and I could not fault anything about it.

If I had to be really picky, I would have liked it to have been in a Face Fix tin size for taking out with me.

Altr for men skin care Blemish Balm

Blemish Balm is a tinted moisturizer that will help to keep your skin hydrated.

It will also hide spots, blemishes, and dark circles which is the main focus of the Altr product range. Using its unique formula will help to combat the root causes of breakouts and damaged skin.

Now let’s have a look at Altr Skin Care range. With a nice simple approach, this includes a Face Wash and a Whiskey Infused Moisturiser.

I think this is a great approach, as most men just want to wash their faces in the morning, slap on some moisturizer, and go.

Altr for men skin care
Altr London
Altr for men skin care

Altr for men skin care Face Wash

I wasn’t sure how the Altr Face Wash could hold up against its other counterparts. However, for a simple face wash, it can hold its own, that’s for sure.

With a mix of premium ingredients, this again highlights the quality of their full product range. In my eyes, you can’t apply a moisturizer if your skin isn’t clean.

Therefore, choosing a quality combination is where they have exceeded some of their main competitors.

The Face Wash includes the same Whiskey infused aroma, yet it’s not as apparent as in the moisturizer.

That’s not a bad thing, as the Face Wash is meant to be used and washed away, so the smell isn’t that important to me.

Once applied, the lather is fine and the feeling of my skin tightening after rinsing gives a real feel of cleanliness.

This can also be used to wash away cosmetics which is a real selling point when already purchasing any of the concealers.

For me, my skin felt amazing and didn’t dry out quickly like other face washes I have used, so it’s a thumbs up from me.

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Pros of Face Wash by Altr

Does a great job of cleaning the skin and smells great without being overwhelming.


Slightly more expensive than other Face Wash Product, but if you are buying the moisturiser, it gets really well together.

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Altr Whiskey Infused Moisturiser

After using the Face Wash, it’s time to moisturize. Just the smell of this product wins me over, it’s so Moorish!

Watch the video above for a more in-depth review.

Pros of Whiskey Infused Moisturiser by Altr

Smells great, feels amazing, and the added bonus of Sun Protection.

It’s also Vegan Friendly, Animal Cruelty-Free and Made in the UK.


Mid-price range for a men’s moisturizer but the smell and feel definitely make it worth the extra cost.


On the whole, Altr Skin Care Range has managed to create a sub-niche within the men’s cosmetics and skincare market.

They have tapped into men who want to improve

their skin in more than just one way.

If you want a men’s concealer, they have more options offer with the Face Fix. Yet if you want a one size fits all approach, the Bronzing Gel might be best suited to you.

For skincare, the Face Wash and Whiskey Infused Moisturiser make an awesome combination and are well worth the extra costs.

Have a read of the reviews and do your own homework before buying but I would definitely highly recommend Altr to anyone.

We do get paid a small commission if you buy directly at Altr and Amazon through our Affiliate Links.

However, this helps Meso to keep publishing honest and helpful reviews. All  Altr products used were paid for by myself and we were not given free samples by the company.

This ensures that our review is as honest and as transparent as we can make it.

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