Fulfilment Crowd- Helping Meso expand

Fulfilment Crowd - Improving our customers experience!

Fulfilment Crowd are a new venture in the progress and expansion of Meso Grooming LTD.  After a couple of years using solely Amazons FBA platform to fulfill our orders, we felt it was time to take back control of our customers.

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Faster Shipping

At first, for Meso, Amazon FBA was a great platform that filfilled our orders whilst we got on with sales. As part of the worlds largest online stores, why would we not be happy? 

However, after more than a few hiccups with Amazon, we felt that our customer experience was being taken away from us and dealt with by Amazon, which is not what we wanted. For us, this was not what we started out wanting and soon realised that we needed a platform that could give us faster shipping, improve our customers experience and give us back our control to speak with our customers. Without our customers we are nothing!

Initial Chat and discussions

After our initial chat and discussions, it was clear to see that the team at Fulfilment Crowd wanted Meso to succeed and they could offer us the perfect platform. With all orders before 2pm being picked and dispatched that same day, this gives our customers a first class service. Along with cheaper shipping costs, this has now allowed us to offer all of our customers FREE UK Delivery! This allows us to concentrate on our marketing strategy whilst safely leaving the fulfillment of customers orders to Fulfilment Crowd.

As a thank you, Fulfilment Crowd have done an article about Meso, so if you would like to read the full story, head over to the link below to read their article. If anyone would like to be put in touch with Fulfilmet Crowd, drop an email to Brittany at b.miller@fulfilmentcrowd.com 


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