How Many Men Wear Women’s Panties?

Men who wear women’s panties as their underwear was often thought of by many as gay.

But that is not always the case. In this post, we will examine statistics about how many men wear women’s panties and look at the reasons why they like to wear them?

Around3-5% of heterosexual men wear women’s underwear. Most guys do this simply for pleasure and the feeling that they get from women’s knickers.

Top estimates put this figure at around 20% of men. From our research in forums and groups, this number is certainly a realistic figure.

There are other reasons why straight men enjoy wearing women’s lingerie, such as the feeling of comfort.

The number of heterosexual and even straight men who love wearing women’s underwear, especially those made with soft fabric, is rapidly increasing.

This is because this kind of underwear offers snug comfort. Aside from that, they are also lightweight and can be purchased inexpensively.

If this kind of topic interests you, you are in the right place. In this post, you will discover other important stuff related to the topic.

Don’t worry since each section is packed with information gathered from reliable and trusted resources.

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Lots of men wear women’s panties, and in 2022, that percentage was around 10%.

You may notice that the estimated percentage is quite low, and that is because most men feel nothing but embarrassment by merely thinking of wearing a women’s panty.

But a study conducted in Sweden concluded that an estimated 3% of men in the said country who had worn women’s lingerie experienced an episode of “transvestic fetishism.”

If you don’t know yet, transvestic fetishism refers to a male person who plays with himself while wearing any clothing of a female.

This is possible as some men may be sexually aroused by imagining themselves wearing any type of female’s clothing.

One shop in the United States that sells women’s panties claimed that around one in every 25 males enjoys wearing women’s panties all year long.

how many men wear women's panties
how many men wear women's panties

Even though wearing women’s panties is still a foreign topic for most of us, many men worldwide would rather choose women’s panties than men’s underwear.

Currently, women’s lingerie is not only worn by transgender women and cross-dressers, in fact, but the number of heterosexual men enjoying wearing women’s panties has also significantly increased.

This is mainly because of the comfort provided by panties than other men’s underwear styles, such as trunks, boxers and briefs.

Straight men feel comfortable in wearing skin-hugging panties made with silky and soft fabrics.

Since panties are originally designed for women, men shopping for this kind of lingerie may have a hard time finding the best that suits their male figure.

This is because panties are widely available in a large selection of colors, patterns, fabrics, styles, and cuts.

To help you out, we have listed the different panty styles for males below.

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The most popular panty styles for men in 2021/22 are the following:

Thong – Thong is one of the sexiest and most popular panty styles for men.

This is because it is usually made with breathable fabric that will get rid of panty lines when worn under close-fitting and thin clothing.

Many males who wear this panty style love how its higher cut covers their male anatomy.

Another thing you will love about this style is it does not cause too much friction between your legs or package.

Hipster – Hipster is another popular panty style for men as it offers great coverage, which many guys love.

But compared to the thong, this one has a bit lower waistline.

In most cases, this panty style is made with nylon knit fabric. Aside from snug fit, hipster panty style also offers enough breathability, which most men need.

Boyshort – This is the female version of the men’s boxer brief.

What you will love about boyshort panty styles is that they come with leg openings, covering the upper part of your leg.

Beyond that, it also has a sporty and cute look. One of its users claimed that this panty style gave him a comfortable feel without riding up.

It does not also produce any panty lines, which makes it perfect to wear even on thin clothes.

Bikini – Compared to a full brief, bikini panty style does not offer all-around coverage to the male anatomy.

It usually comes with a lower hop rise and high-cut legs.

The good thing about this panty style for men is that it offers enough rear and front parts coverage.

It is also ideal to use under lower-cut pants. Bikini panty style usually comes with a sexy look, which many men patronize.

Brief – If you are looking for a women’s panty style that offers great coverage, you would love to try brief panties.

There are lots of good things you will love about this panty style.

Aside from offering all-around coverage, it is also comfortable for daily use and hugs the male anatomy even better.

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Do Women Enjoy Their Partners Wearing Panties?

There are several reasons why most men prefer wearing women’s panties as their underwear compared to briefs.

These reasons may be physical or psychological.

For physical reasons, this may be because of the comfort that women’s panties provide.

On the other hand, one of the psychological reasons men wear women’s lingerie is that it causes them to be sexually aroused.

Many women who see their partner wearing a women’s panty may feel confused and start to suspect the sexual orientation of their partners.

But, before you go to that point, it is important to determine the reason why your partner is wearing a women’s panty.

In line with that, some women enjoy seeing their partners wearing women’s panties while others don’t.

As we mentioned earlier, there are two reasons why several men hate wearing traditional underwear, and these reasons range from physical to psychological.

If you see your partner wearing panties, what would you feel?

Since most couples, these days are more open-minded, many women respect and support the decision of their partners to wear women’s underwear.

After all, respect and support are two important elements that can make a relationship even stronger.

Do Men Wearing Women’s Panties have Panty Fetish?

Different individuals have unique sexual interests. Have you heard about fetishes?

An individual with a fetish desire experiences sexual gratification relating to a specific body part, action, or even object.

One example of an object fetish is the fetishization of sexy lingerie.

Panty fetishization usually happens when a person experiences sexual excitement after feeling, observing, visualizing, smelling, or even wearing a women’s panty.

The following are some common characteristics you may notice with individuals with underwear fetish:

  • He thinks that different fabrics of underwear really turns him on sexually
  • The feeling of sexual arousal after smelling used or new pairs of underwear
  • He admires himself by looking in the mirror, wearing a women’s panty
  • The feeling of sexual gratification when someone sees them in a panty

In this video below, RMRS (Real Men Real Style) look at other pieces of women’s clothing that can also be worn by men.

Why do Men shift to Wearing Women’s Panties?

Despite their sexual orientation, many men are now wearing women’s undergarments for different reasons.

Some of the common reasons for this include the following:

Comfort Over Anything – We have mentioned this several times in the article.

The number one reason why several men prefer wearing women’s panties on a daily basis is because of the comfortable feel it offers.

Unlike the different types of men’s underwear available in the market, including trunks, boxer briefs, and men’s underwear, women’s panties are ideal for wearing because of the best feel and fit it has.

On the other hand, some males tend to wear women’s undergarments because they make them feel more secure.

Expression of Identity – Other males consider panties more than an undergarment. They wear panties to express their true identity.

For this reason, many heterosexual men are encouraged to show their true selves without hesitation.

Some men feel enough strength to show and express their feminine side by wearing female underwear and some also go on to wear women’s clothes.

We think that men should also wear panties if they want to.

After all, doing so won’t change the fact of their true sexual orientation.

In fact, having something in your body that makes you feel more attractive and hotter could make you feel more confident.

They Feel Sexy – Men and women wear a pair of panties not only for the comfort it offers but also for their added sexiness.

Women tend to visit panty shops to buy a new pair of thongs or laced panties that will make them and their partners feel sexier during their intimate time.

Men’s underwear also is seen as bland and unsexy, and so pretty panties fill this gap.

With that in mind, there is no valid reason to restrict a man from wearing a woman’s underwear if doing so makes them feel more attractive and sexier.

Different Styles Types of Women’s Panties that Men Prefer to Wear

Some men may wear women’s underwear as everyday wear during their preferred days, while others wear it on a daily basis.

If you are one of the latter men, you should purchase a women’s panty that is suitable for your needs.

There are different types of panties and materials used for producing women’s underwear for men. Each style and material is made for a different purpose.

You need to consider two factors in buying perfect female underwear for men: climatic conditions and skin sensitivity.

Silky Fabrics – With the smoothness and softness offered by silky fabrics, they became the number one sought-after material for women’s underwear that men can wear.

Aside from that, it also offers a luxurious feel to male anatomy regardless of the type of clothing over it.

On the other hand, it is not recommended for men living in countries with warm climates since it is a bad heat conductor.

But overall, we can say that this is a perfect fabric for novelty women’s panties for men.

Sexy Panties – Men also deserve to feel attractive and sexy.

There are various makes of sexy women’s panties intended for men with that in mind.

One of the good things about sexy panties is that they offer full coverage for the male anatomy.

Beyond that, this kind of panty is also available in a wide range of materials that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Lace Panties – Lace panties are associated with tons of benefits for men.

From its design and fabric used, women’s lace panties will remain undefeated.

The only drawback you will notice with this underwear style is that it is usually available at a high-priced cost.

Despite being expensive, it is still worth investing in.

Aside from that, lace panties for men are available in a wide range of sizes that will change the whole story.

Aside from that, this kind of women’s panty for men adds a touch of arousal while offering a delicate feel on your legs and male anatomy.

Nylon Panties – There are lots of good things men will appreciate in wearing nylon panties.

Because of its lightness and smoothness, it became an ideal alternative to silk.

This is the best option if you are looking for women’s underwear that does not cause skin irritation while giving your legs a silky feel.

Compared to cotton, nylon panties do not roll up, fold, or bunch because it can maintain their original shape and is frictionless.

With that in mind, we can say that this kind of women’s panties for men are incomparable in delivering comfort feel.

Are Men Who Wear Women’s Lingerie Perverted?

When it comes to men wearing women’s lingerie, many would think that the man in question is bisexual or gay.

Although it is quite true, not all men who love wearing female underwear are gay.

In fact, a lot of straight men (heterosexual men) prefer wearing undies of women than men’s.

On the other hand, many haters and doubters would switch to the “perverted” argument when the ‘gay’ counterpoint is considered untrue.

Is it Wrong for Men to Wear Women’s Undies?

Some may say that it is wrong and that men should just stick to wearing men’s boxers.

It is considered wrong when a man desire to wear women’s lingerie.

If you are also one of those who think that doing such a thing is wrong, take some time to think again.

There is no doubt that dismissing gay or perverted accusations is easy, especially if someone is ignorant and facile about the topic.

But, it is still important to dig deeper into the issue and know the real reason for men who wear lingerie.

Do Men Who Wear Panties Considered Cross-Dressers?

If you are not familiar with the term “cross-dressing.”

It is an act of wearing pieces of clothing of the opposite sexes for different purposes, such as pleasure or sexual satisfaction.

Cross-dressing is more popular among men and some do it only occasionally for special occasions.

These days, many men cross dressers are now wearing lingerie of women as their undergarments.

In most cases, married and heterosexual men are the ones who are more likely to wear women’s underwear.

In most cases, many male cross-dressers confirm that wearing a women’s panty gives them sexual excitement.

This is because some men feel confident in showing their feminine side by wearing a female undergarment.

Despite being a cross-dresser, many men can still maintain their masculine side when in the outside world and are looked at as a straight guy.

Crossdressing refers to an act of women’s clothes and women’s lingerie to impersonate or look like a woman.

Many studies claim that thousands of men worldwide find women’s panties and women’s underwear are more comfortable than male undies.

If you are in a relationship and find out that your husband is a cross-dresser, the first thing that would probably come to your mind is the thinking of him being gay.

But take note that not all male cross-dressers are gay.

A man is also free to wear female hose, skirt, and panties but still manages to look like a man.

The same concept goes to a woman wearing a man’s pants but still manages to look like a female.

There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a women’s undergarment.

If your husband is one of those who think wearing a female panty is more comfortable, it is important to be more understanding and open-minded about the concept.

Wife Finds Out that His Husband is Wearing Women’s Panties

To help you further understand why men who wear panties are not considered totally gay, we have made a situation below:

After finding out that his husband likes wearing panties, the wife starts thinking if her partner is gay. They have a playful and romantic sex life.

In fact, the couple makes love in different styles. She claimed that her husband is very considerate as a lover. 

But as time went on, she noticed some changes in her husband’s way of having sex with her.

He started sharing with her wife his kinky side and confessed that wearing female undergarments gives him sexual arousal.

With that, she started thinking if her husband was gay or if wearing female undies was normal.

In this case, we can say that her husband is not gay.

But, based on the data she provided, it is clear that the husband is inclined to cross-dress, which leads the wife to confusion.

As we mentioned earlier, cross-dressing is common among heterosexual men.

It would be best if the wife would try to understand the concept and try his husband to work on their relationship even better.

A lot of couples out there are so imaginative. With that in mind, they try to look for ways that will help them to satisfy fetishistic desires.

Through this, they can find a perfect balance in their own style of making love.

Confessions of Men Who Love Wearing Panties

Anonymous: “I started to have a liking for wearing panties a long time ago.

Through the years, I secretly raided the underwear boxes of my friends and cousins.

Although I used to wear panties, I know to myself that I am a straight man. In fact, I have been married for 44 years, and it took me a lot of courage to confess to my wife about this fetish desire of mine.

At first, she was angry at me. But over time, she learned to accept my desire.

Current wife agrees and is happy with the role play when we both wear laced panties during our intimate moments.”

Anonymous: “Since I was 10, I have been wearing female undergarments for the first time. It all started when I found my sister’s panties in my closet.

Now that I am married, I also love the idea of wearing my wife’s panties.

I’ve been married for four years, and I think it is too early for me to confess this desire to her.

I have my secret box inside my cabinet, and there, I store my favorite mini skirts, stockings, panties, and even suspenders.

I always wear feminine panties under my slacks every time I go to work. I love the sexual gratification it gives to me.”

Anonymous: “I am a married man and loved wearing panties by accident. Each time I finish taking a bath, I always imagine how it feels like to wear women’s underwear.

With that, I tend to go to my wife’s closet and try her hipster and laced panties. One day when her panty was still on me, she came back to work and found me wearing her undergarments.

She was a bit shocked, but I saw a flirty smile on her face. She rushed to my position and started massaging my genitals with her hands while her panty was still on.

After that hot moment, she started buying me panties and wore them every time we had sex. We found that panties added spice to our intimate moments.”

What to Do When You Found Your Man Wearing Women’s Panty?

More than half of men with panty-wearing preferences see themselves as heterosexual.

On the other hand, only a few men who love wearing panties to satisfy their fetishes are non-heterosexual.

In fact, around 5% of men wear lingerie on a daily basis for sexual satisfaction or pleasure. But most of them do it secretly.

In other words, at least one in 30 men wear lingerie for sensual and pleasure purposes. Men who have fetish on women’s panties do not have a mental disorder.

This kind of fetish is totally harmless but is powerful enough to add some spice to your relationship’s intimate moments.

If you found out that your man is secretly wearing some of your lingerie, you may be thinking of what to do.

It is understandable to be shocked and confused about your husband’s gender identity.

But there is nothing wrong for men to wear panties, nor no law restricts a man from enjoying the comfort and pleasure offered by women’s lingerie.

With that in mind, it would be best to understand and support your husband on the things that make him happy and satisfied.

Over time, it will benefit your relationship and help both of you have a happier and more intimate life!

Companies Now Offering Sexy Menswear Alternatives

Thankfully, there is now a group of online sellers and lingerie companies that have seen the potential sales from selling girl’s panties instead of just mens underwear.

Men can now have their own panty drawer instead of the bland world of male underwear.

Most men and even women don’t make a big deal of men wearing Victoria’s Secret woman’s panties rather than the traditional men’s underwear.

Here are the best online sites for men’s panties and lingerie.


Several men out there love seeing themselves in the mirror wearing a women’s panty.

Men who wear panties have their own reasons. Women’s panties could give men different senses.

Some men prefer panties to briefs because they feel more comfortable. On the other hand, other men wear panties for sexual purposes.

Fetish on women’s panties is common among men.

Seeing their partners wearing their favorite panties or imagining themselves wearing one could give them sexual arousal.

Having a fetish on lingerie is pretty normal, and there’s nothing wrong to be ashamed of.

As society becomes more open mind about this topic, many men will express their feminine side and feel more sexually satisfied by wearing panties under their suit.

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