4 Common Challenges to Overcome as a Single Father

When people think about single parents, they often picture a mom struggling to make it on
her own. While it’s true that the majority of single parents are women, there are also
millions of single fathers out there.

Statista reports that around 2.96 million families in the UK are headed by single dads! Every single parent faces their fair share of challenges.

While single fathers tend to be better off than single mothers in terms of income, poverty, and
education, they also face stigma and criticism when they assume the role of primary

Keep reading to learn some of the biggest challenges to overcome as a single father and how you can prepare to overcome them, courtesy of Mesö for Men.

Financial Strain

As a single parent, you have to support a household on one income. Paying expenses for
yourself and your children can be difficult without help from a spouse. Spouses contribute
a lot of value to a household, even if they don’t generate income.

Without someone to be home with your kids, you’ll need to cover the cost of childcare. On average, parents spend £7,210 a year for part-time and £14,030 a year for full-time child care cost for each child!

Starting a side business could help you bring in some extra money and offer some
breathing room for you and your kids. Even if you have no savings, you can launch a remote
business offering freelancing services to clients online for the cost of setting up a basic

Just make sure you cover your legal bases! Forming a limited company is a good
idea if you want liability protection and tax advantages. Online tools can help you with
important tasks like registering your business and choosing a business structure.

challenges to overcome as a single father

Work-Life Imbalances

Juggling work and life is hard enough for parents with partners at home. As a single father,
it’s easy to struggle as you try to find a balance between these two important parts of your
life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Reach out to extended family, neighbors, friends, and others in your network who can lend a hand when you’re feeling overworked.

Finding daycare can be a challenge, too. There are numerous factors to consider such as
location, hours of operation, safety measures, cost, and expertise of the staff.

Additionally, there is the added pressure of ensuring that your child will be in a nurturing and engaging environment that aligns with their individual needs and developmental stage. Despite these challenges, with the right resources and perseverance, finding the perfect daycare for your
child is feasible.

You may also want to talk to your employer about your situation and request more flexible
working arrangements
. If you will be working a hybrid schedule where you are at home
part-time, consider digitizing your work files to ensure you have access no matter which
office you are in on a given day.

PDFs are stable and encryptable file types that work wellfor work purposes. Plus, if you need to edit the file or change file types, there are plenty of online tools.

Consider this option to change a PDF to Word for easier editing. Just drop in the file, select the new file type, and save!

Guilt and Responsibility

Every parent faces feelings of guilt at some point, but single parents have it the hardest. No
matter how much you do for your kids, you’re bound to feel guilty about not doing enough.

Guilt can also be hard for single fathers who are sharing custody with a separated spouse.
It’s easy to feel guilty when you can’t always be there for your kids, but try to accept that
this feeling is normal and don’t beat yourself up.

challenges to overcome as a single father

Social Stigma

As HuffPost explains, society makes a lot of assumptions about fathers based on gender
. Dads are often portrayed as “dumb” in cartoons and sitcoms.

They’re expected to be incompetent, and as a result, are scrutinized more closely than moms. Gender norms around masculinity can also make men hesitant about showing emotions, discussing stress, asking for help, and comforting children.

Single fathers also worry about being stigmatised at work and getting passed over for promotions because of their family obligations.

Navigating these social issues can be really difficult. If you’re struggling to find your place
as a single father, get in touch with other single dads for tips on how to cope. Search for in-
person or online support groups
where you can meet others in your position and find
solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Remember that raising kids takes a village and it’s not a weakness to ask for help!

Find the Joys in Fatherhood – Single or Not

Being a single father can be tough, but it’s also the most rewarding job in the world! Be
prepared to face a few obstacles as you get used to parenting on your own and managing
the challenges that come with it.

Know your limits, ask for help when you need it, and love your kids unconditionally. You will be a great parent!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the challenges of being a father?

Being a father comes with its own set of challenges. Some of these challenges include balancing work and family life, managing finances, dealing with behavioral issues with children, and maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner.

What are 4 potential challenges of parenting?

Parenting, in general, can also present various challenges such as lack of sleep, loss of personal time and freedom, adjusting to new routines, and navigating conflicts with children.

What is the most challenging part of being a dad?

The most challenging part of being a dad can vary from person to person, but some common challenges include providing emotional support, being a positive role model, and balancing discipline and love.

What common everyday challenges did you face as a parent?

Some common everyday challenges parents face include dealing with picky eaters, managing screen time, teaching children responsibility, and figuring out how to handle difficult conversations with children.


As a single father or parent, the challenges can almost be over whelming at times.

However, there are many support groups now available as well as friends and family. You will never be alone, so take the first steps to asking for help if you need it.

Don’t forget, being a parent is a luxury, that not everyone get’s to experience. We as parents are blessed, so enjoy the ride!

If you have any useful tips from your experiences as a single father, please share them below for our audience to engage with.

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